Detect audio/video synchronization issues

Master Thesis

Detect audio/video synchronization issues


We have all experienced cases where the synchronization between the audio and video streams is misaligned. Such errors might occur due to issues with the encoder or other network or device related processing delays. Identifying such issues is quite important as such factors can significantly affect the viewer’s Quality of Experience (QoE).

One potential avenue to identify such issues is to use standard sequences used in a specific channel to identify synchronization issues. A standard sequence may be an advertisement that will be run several times in a day, the intro or outro clips used for TV shows, and other channel specific information that the broadcaster might be promoting.


Provided that such standard sequences are identified, this thesis involves identifying when a standard sequence is being broadcasted within a stream. Having identified that such sequences are currently being shown, the task is to compare it to the original and identify if the audio or video is out of sync with one another.

The solution space is quite open and could potentially compare the raw audio and video streams. However, more robust solutions that reconstruct the streams and compare and identify the degree/ time of separation between the streams would be ideal.


To learn more or to apply for this master thesis, contact:

Aner Gusic

To learn more about this master thesis or to apply, contact:

Aner Gusic

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