Meet our people

Get to know the people behind our amazing products and learn about their working life at Agama!


Meet Mikael Dahlgren – CEO

“The ultimate success is when the viewers of our customers get an excellent service experience, may it be excellent video service quality, an insightful helpdesk experience, the optimal content packages or an attractive price due to automation and efficiency in processes or optimal infrastructure investments. Insights will be even more important in a rapidly changing world and we will be there to enable access to the right insights in this change.”


Meet Ankit Garg – Head of Services

“My job is to fulfill everyone’s wishes and make them happy – everyone is a customer to this department, either internal or external. Having happy customers who hold a positive impression of our company is all down to our approach to our customers. We really spend time listening to their needs so that we can understand what they would like to achieve with our solutions and present them with the best resolutions.”


Matic headshot

Meet Matic Hajdinjak – Development Team Lead

“Finding the way to solve complex problems, often feels like a game. A game in which past actions have consequences in the future and where only by working as a tightly knit team one can succeed in achieving the goals.This makes the work a very dynamic environment. Finding the path to the finish line and getting the job done is what keeps me motivated. “


Meet Ragnar Ouchterlony – Principal Software Engineer

“It is very gratifying when a customer has some sort of issue with their service and we can help them pinpoint where the problem is and thus resolve it. I also enjoy optimization and getting the most out of the available resources.”