Agama 360 Analytics shortlisted in TVBEurope’s Best of Show Award IBC 2018

14 September, 2018

We are very proud to announce that our new groundbreaking solution Agama 360 Analytics has been shortlisted in the category Delivery for the TVBEurope Best of Show Award at IBC 2018.

“We are proud to introduce Agama 360 Analytics with its unique visualization and analytics capabilities enabling a deepened customer understanding, says Johan Görsjö, Director of Product Management at Agama Technologies. “Providing customer experience and service performance insights is in our DNA, and in today’s fast-moving video market it is more crucial than ever to get the right insights at the right time to be able to exceed customer expectations.”

About Agama 360 Analytics
Agama is enhancing its leadership in video service monitoring, assurance and analytics by offering new unique real-time analytics and visualization of massive amounts of data gathered from video delivery networks and devices. Agama 360 Analytics has its core in the highly scalable Agama end-to-end video monitoring, assurance and analytics platform. Agama 360 Analytics makes it easier than ever before to find the root cause of a problem in complex delivery chains, reducing time and effort spent by the service provider.

Within the unique view of Agama 360 Analytics, every stream flow is correlated and visualized across the head-end, CDN, ISP and subscriber devices, directly pinpointing where in the complex chain issues are occurring, driving operational excellence and efficiency. By having a deep understanding of the service delivery through the whole delivery chain, Agama 360 Analytics uses unique real-time data cube technology which gives the service provider the possibility to track, analyze and visualize integrated data sets in real-time.

Read the full press release about Agama 360 Analytics

The winners of TVBEurope’s Best of Show Award will be announced on Monday 17th 2018 at IBC.

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