Agama Launches v4.7 of DTV Monitoring Solution at IBC2014

26 August, 2014

(Linköping, August 26, 2014) – Agama Technologies, the video service quality assurance expert, celebrates its tenth anniversary this September at IBC2014 by introducing the latest extensions to its comprehensive offering for continuous and real-time monitoring, assurance and analytics of OTT, IP and cable video services in multiplatform and multiscreen environments.

Celebrating a decade of empowering TV operators’ business processes with video service assurance and monitoring intelligence, Agama will be at IBC2014 stand 4.A75 presenting the upcoming Version 4.7 of the Agama DTV Monitoring Solution with all its latest developments and additions. The industry-leading solution provides full transparency of the service distribution from the head-end to the viewing device; and, supports operators’ business processes across departments and workflows with actionable insights that help to efficiently manage service quality and customer satisfaction, whilst lowering OPEX and improving customer retention.

Service assurance for streaming video remains a key growth area for Agama. The company now reinforces integration and correlation possibilities for even better end-to-end understanding of the service quality and usage, helping operators to proactively resolve any issues before they impact on the customer base. Version 4.7 of Analyzer OTT integration in the central Enterprise Server has been strengthened with enhanced presentation and management. This includes new dashboard widgets that give at-a-glance overviews of OTT service quality; and, a new top-level service quality reporting function for Analyzer OTT, enabling trending and analysis of service quality and availability on streaming video assets, as well as on the individual adaptive bitrate profiles. The Analyzer OTT also sports new features including a new advanced round-robin add-on that enables services to be monitored in multiple round-robin pools for more fine-grained control.

When operators integrate the Agama solution into their operational processes it naturally becomes a cornerstone in ensuring optimal service quality, customer understanding and operational efficiency. This makes aspects such as efficient management and high availability of the Agama solution itself crucial. In Version 4.7, Agama takes operators’ future needs within this area into consideration and introduces an enhanced redundancy mechanism in the Enterprise Server EX, with faster and more efficient data replication.

Other new features and improvements in v4.7 include support for saving Analyzer recordings in PCAP format for offline analysis in tools such as Wireshark®, support for 3GPP VOD using Helix® streaming servers in the Active RTSP Analyzer add-on for proactive monitoring of RTSP on-demand services; and, much more.

“We look forward to coming to IBC2014 to showcase cutting-edge monitoring, assurance and analytics of end-to-end video distribution; and, at the same time, to celebrating our ten-year anniversary as specialists within this area,” says Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies. “It’s been incredibly exciting to have been part of the tremendous transformation this industry has experienced over the last decade. We’re proud to say that we are now better positioned than ever to support operators with any combination of OTT, IP and cable services with our solution for and expertise in video service management.”

About Agama Technologies
Agama Technologies provides next-generation quality assurance and monitoring solutions for digital TV and video services. As the first company to provide complete and proven end-to-end, multi-metric monitoring solutions, Agama continues to pioneer and innovate. TV operators and service providers worldwide rely on the established Agama DTV Monitoring Solution for systematic improvements of service quality and customer satisfaction, whilst lowering operational costs and reducing churn. Agama Technologies AB is based in Linköping, Sweden, and is privately held.

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