Service Development

Objective and fine-grained data and insights into performance and service engagement for product management, development, marketing and analytics teams.

Video services are developing at an ever increasing rate. Spurred by the rapidly evolving ecosystem of video apps and the possibilities to improve customer experience through the use of data, video service operators are reinventing their solutions like never before. To guide these rapid developments, service providers need fine-grained insights into how their solutions are performing.

Your Benefits

  • Objective data and fine-grained insights into performance and service engagement
  • Gain real-time insights into how, when and where subscribers are using the services
  • Directly understand how updates and changes impact customer experience and behavior
  • Enterprise integration with role-based authentication and high capacity data integration APIs

Our solution supports

Change and release management – Quickly verify changes and new releases from an end-customer perspective, regardless of which domain the change is in (service, network or end-device).

Customer engagement analytics – Detailed understanding of the actual service usage and customer engagement.

Multi-dimensional analytics – Deep insights to understand the correlation of metrics and metadata in multiple dimensions.

Our solutions give service providers timely and detailed information about the performance of their services. Armed with these insights, product management and development teams can rapidly improve and grow services without risking adverse impacts on customer experience. Agama’s powerful analytics tools support developers in detecting and pinpointing even the most elusive issues that can otherwise hide in a complex video service solution.

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