Assuring the video services of tomorrow

1 August, 2016

‘We are going through a period of rapid change in video distribution solutions, largely as a result of how much they have diversified in recent years. There are now more obstacles that operators must navigate in order to guarantee their subscribers’ service experience. Fortunately, however all this also opens up new opportunities for efficiently doing just that,’ says Mikael Dahlgren, CEO of Agama Technologies.

The Video and TV distribution landscape is changing. Not so long ago, most video distribution operators focused on a single distribution solution – be it cable, IPTV or broadcast – and the pace of change within these solutions was modest. Today, traditional operators are challenged by new entrants, mainly OTT providers, and often respond by adding OTT-solutions of their own. Further technological developments, service agility, outsourcing and virtualisation within the field of video distribution are only going to increase competition in the industry. Guaranteeing service quality will be more important than ever.

So, how can you get a consistent view of your service delivery if it is done over a combination of RF, IPTV and OTT? How do you handle the fact that parts of the delivery infrastructure are outside your control, e.g. an outsourced CDN? How do you manage the subscriber experience?

At Agama we believe in focusing on the subscriber. Instead of mainly tracking the services from creation and out through the distribution, we concentrate on the subscriber and work our way back from there. Ultimately, it is the services as perceived by the subscriber that matter, regardless of distribution technology. Understanding how you perform at the point of consumption not only provides insights into how the service is perceived by the consumer – it also provides an excellent opportunity to understand how the diverse distribution solution is performing, without having to be deployed within it.

We are looking forward to supporting operators in this ongoing transformation in video service distribution and the possibilities created by it. With our solid experience in client device monitoring and our long-standing focus on software-based solutions we are uniquely positioned to support operators throughout this transformation.

Guest post by Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies.

Published in IBC2016 Daily Preview Issue, August 2016.

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