Breaking the Myth of Difficult Device Integration

30 March, 2022

Agama has a long history when it comes to device integrations. For more than a decade we’ve dealt with projects of all sizes/lengths. With every completed milestone, and even more with every obstacle, we’ve been steadily building up the knowledge required to succeed.


Agama 2021 and beyond!

25 January, 2022

2021 was a good year and we are thrilled with what we achieved. New products and feature launches ensured Agama grew and continued to help customers create unrivaled video services.


What you need to know about data-driven grouping

8 December, 2021

At Agama we describe what we do as Video Observability – understanding the behavior and performance of video creation, delivery and consumption based on end-to-end monitoring and analytics allowing operators to be data-driven and collaborative.


Making the most of your metadata

21 October, 2021

Agama integration certification process usually assures that the correct metadata is provided by the integration, but there are several reasons a system may be populated with incorrect information.


Integrating real-time consumer experience insights with customer care operations

16 August, 2021

At Agama, we have provided integrated solutions for Customer Care Operations for many years, as integrating high-quality customer data is widely known to improve customer care outcomes. This is why we designed the Agama Customer Care module, to make it possible for customers or external parties to create custom Customer Care solutions optimized for each service team.


Demystifying the MP4 container format

7 June, 2021

MP4 is a container format that allows video, audio and other related information to be bundled together in a single file. Among other things, it’s commonly used in streaming video services.