Agama Technologies has canceled its participation at IBC2021

Agama Management has decided, with sadness, to withdraw its participation from IBC2021.

The decision is based on the latest COVID developments in the Netherlands, which prompted the Dutch government to impose a partial lockdown in order to stop the record high numbers and to release the pressure on the already crowded hospitals. The health and safety of our employees are our top priority, which was the biggest driver for the decision. We will not be in Amsterdam this year, but we are happy to virtually share with you Agama’s latest highlights.

IBC 2021 Highlights

  • Agama Elastic Analyzer takes a new and flexible approach to assets monitoring
  • OTT QoS Analytics app designed to enable OTT performance transparency
  • Instantly interactive BI Analytical Dashboards​​
  • Customer TopN explorer providing deep insights on impacting events
  • Head-end assurance available on-prem, virtualized & cloud
  • Plugins that are easy to integrate into leading OTT platforms or partners’ STBs

Agama will showcase its New Agama Elastic Analyzer

The new Agama Elastic Analyzer has a fresh and flexible approach for monitoring of ABR assets in cloud and container environments. In a cloud system, the Enterprise Platform has a central licensing mechanism. When new Analyzers are instantiated, they request licenses from the central pool. This makes it easy to dynamically set up and tear down Analyzer instances as needed.

OTT QoS Analytics app

The OTT QoS Analytics app is designed to quickly create an understanding of OTT QoS metrics over time and easily compare the result over different time intervals. Metrics can be filtered based on top-level dimensions: assets and all types of device groups relevant for OTT.

BI Analytical dashboards

The new Analytical dashboard feature enables interactive dashboards to be created where time, service types and groups can be changed for all or some of the widgets on the dashboard. Individual widgets can then be connected to this widget to be automatically updated on the fly when selections change. This makes it possible to quickly and easily build BI like views targeted for specific use cases using client device metrics and aggregates.

Customer TopN Explorer

Customer TopN Explorer application greatly expands on the existing capabilities of the TopN devices app. It is now possible to find devices based on any QoS metric, group membership and service type, for example, to understand if channel change times correlate with OS version or device type.

Head-end assurance for on-premises, virtualized and cloud

With the flexibility to deploy on-prem, cloud or hybrid – including containers – and support for fully automated deployment, Agama can monitor your services wherever they are created. Our offering for head-end assurance covers all steps in service creation from mezzanine to packaging and multiplexing: on prem, virtualized or in the clod.

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