Meet Ankit Garg, Head of Services

3 June, 2021

Who is Ankit Garg?

I grew up in India where I did my elementary and secondary schooling and subsequently graduated in Computer Science and Engineering. I worked in India as a Software developer for seven years before moving to Sweden in 2013 to work with Agama. I started here as a Systems Engineer and since then I have been here at Agama and in Sweden.


What are your main responsibilities as Head of Services?

My job is to fulfill everyone’s wishes and make them happy, everyone is a customer to this department, either internal or external.

As head of the Services Department, I am responsible for leadership and management of my team, strategy and planning for providing support and services to our customers, collaboration with our internal departments to achieve customer success altogether and setting targets and KPIs for this department.


What does a typical working day look like for you?

My day starts at 8 AM with a cup of traditional Indian masala chai (tea) and I look at my calendar to get a glimpse of how the day is going to pan out. I check how many open support cases from the previous day we have, how many open tasks I have on my list from and to the internal team and the scheduled activities at the customers’ end.

I join the management pulse meeting twice a week at 08.30 and then jump to my daily support sync meeting at 09.30 to interact with the team and get an overview of the support load and escalations that are in development.

Later, if I am riding the support horse, I put my detective hat on and I am busy troubleshooting new/older cases that have arrived during the morning or continue from previous days. If I am sailing the management ship, I put on my captain’s hat and take care of team management.

After a quick lunch, I either go straight back to work or I pop outside for a walk if the weather is nice. The day continues with either my detective or management tasks and finishes with the planning of activities to be taken care of the next day, along with goodbyes to team members.


What keeps you motivated or fuelled every day?

The satisfaction after seeing a happy customer, when they appreciate our products and our work.

As well as the trust and the freedom that is given to me by coworkers and management, to achieve things in my own best way.


What is the key to keeping customers happy?

Having happy customers who hold a positive impression of our company is all down to our approach to our customers.

We really spend time listening to their needs so that we can understand what they would like to achieve with our solutions, we then identify the problems that they need solving and finally present them with the best solution.


Describe yourself in 3 words:

  1. Solution-oriented
  2. Calm & patient
  3. Structured
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