Meet Matic Hajdinjak – Development Team Lead

22 September, 2021

Who is Matic?

I am originally from Slovenia and came to Sweden as a student in 2011. During that time, I did a summer internship at Agama. The internship was both fun and challenging and it allowed me to get to know the company. While I was finishing my studies, I got the opportunity to do my MSc thesis in Agama.

Immediately after that, I joined the company where I worked as a Software Engineer for a few years before starting my current role, in which I lead the team responsible for developing the Client Device Monitoring solution. The team takes care of the entire data pipeline chain starting with solution integration into user devices, followed by developing the distributed real-time system that processes and creates insights from device telemetry.

What is your role at Agama?

In practice, I have quite a diverse role in the company. My days are split between driving forward parts of the CDM solution, taking care of all team-related matters, filling the gaps within the development organization, or participating in different forums such as the architecture group. My main responsibilities lay within the area of planning, designing, implementing, and verifying the data collection that is part of the CDM solution, supporting work with in-house integrations, and being the technical point of contact during external integrations.

Now, I drive projects aiming to minimize the complexity and reduce the time needed to get Agama monitoring in place on different platforms, such as Android, iOS, Web, and Smart TVs. The goal is not just a faster deployment, but also a more powerful data model empowering the end customer.

How does a typical working day look like for you?

My day starts somewhere between 7 and 8 with a cup of coffee. Then, I check my emails and the calendar agenda for the day, followed by a status check of nightly CI jobs and messages written in the projects I am a part of or have an interest in. This gives me a good overview of how the day will evolve.

A big part of the day is dedicated to the projects the team is currently working on. This means I am either analyzing/creating requirements, writing code, discussing possible approaches with colleagues, testing, writing documentation and manuals, adjusting CI integration etc. During this time, meetings and questions coming from colleagues, customers, or integrators come from the side and drag me into other domains.

The beacon keeping me on track is the daily stand-up meeting with my team where we sync on ongoing activities. It’s a good forum to discuss different issues and solutions surrounding the tasks we work with.

What keeps you motivated? What makes you strive?

Work is often demanding and challenging. Finding the way to solve complex problems, often feels like a game. A game in which past actions have consequences in the future and where only by working as a tightly knit team one can succeed in achieving the goals. This makes the work a very dynamic environment. Finding the path to the finish line and getting the job done is what keeps me motivated.

No workday is the same, the environment moves at a fast pace and new events are appearing daily, which keeps me engaged. I also appreciate the great colleagues and the flexibility offered by the workplace.

When you aren’t working, what do you like to do?

Outside of work, I am a glider pilot and avid skier. I like to spend time with friends, play a game of basketball or enjoy a BBQ. But more than any of these I now enjoy the company of a little toddler at home, building Lego towers, and discovering which shoe belongs to which foot.

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