Analyzers for adaptive bitrate and CDN networks

The Analyzer OTT family provides monitoring of adaptive bitrate services and can be used at the packager, origin, or work towards the CDN edge caches.

From playout to edge, the Analyzer OTT product family actively monitors and analyzes adaptive bitrate services at packager, origin and CDN edge caches. The Analyzer OTT EDGE actively downloads and analyzes playlists and segments and is ideal for assuring readiness to deliver throughout the CDN. The Analyzer OTT H-E does all that plus codec and content level analysis.


⦿ Validate timely availability of playlists and segments for HLS, MPEG-DASH, and MS Smooth Streaming

⦿ Understand and analyze MP4 and TS containers, codec syntax, and audio/video content quality

⦿ Detect black screen, macroblocking, freeze frame, and silence conditions

⦿ Gain situational awareness through customizable alarms and visualizations per profile, asset, and originating server

⦿  Collaborate through integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams


✔ Grow according to your needs with several available capacities and options such as SCTE 35 ad insertion validation

✔ Automate deployment and orchestration with scriptable configuration and management for bare-metal or virtualized environments

✔ Part of the leading end-to-end solution for monitoring, assurance, and analytics

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