Agama Verifier

Agama Verifier provides quality control for on-demand assets, validating content, resolution, language and subtitles.

The Agama Verifier is designed for automatic validation of file based content, ensuring that problematic content is detected before it can cause customer issues. Any errors or discrepancies detected in the process can then trigger further investigation of the asset.

For detection of black screens, macro blocking, freeze frames and audio silence, the Verifier supports content level analysis. It can do syntax analysis on the following formats: HEVC, AVC, MPEG-2 video, AAC, MPEG-2 Audio and AC-3. All TR290 P1-P2 parameters are available.

The Agama Verifier does also support video asset property validation for bitrates, languages, resolutions, codecs and video/audio/subtitles.

There is a Control API available that enables operational control of the Verifier from external scripts. By using the commands provided by the API you can also trigger external scripts for verified files.

As all Agama products, the Verifier is software-based and has support for virtualization.

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